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Proper use of Giants and Healers
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26th May 2014

Its important that when using giants you DO NOT split giants up.  They are like a battering ram so the more you have bunched up together the better.  If they decide to split up in the middle of battle then thats just tough luck. General tactics is to have 13-15 giants and 2 healers (modify based on your level).

1) Locate a good dropping point for your giants. This should be near an enemy air defense so you can take that out and then drop healers. 
2) Drop 1 archer/barb/gob to check Clan Castle Troops.  Deal with those first if they pop out.
3) Drop all your giants.  Follow giants with a Wall Breaker to help
4) Drop a heal spell if giants need help before they get to air defense
5) drop your archers and wizards behind giants.
6) Once giants get Air Defense to 20% drop your 2 healers. Hopefully they follow your giants around and help keep focus.
7) Drop remainder of troops either to follow giants or pick off left over unit.s
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Forum » Forums » Strategies and Tips
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