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Proper Use of Wizards
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26th May 2014

Wizards are quite powerful and have stronger life than archers but if you don't use them properly they will get picked off.  
1) Wizzies should be dropped behind Giants. As giants push inward the wizzies fire over their heads.
2) Wizzies following giants means they should be close to the healer also following the giants. A quick heal makes wizzies awesome withstanding mortar damage and other damage from cannons etc.
3) Use Wizzies instead of goblins in Clan Wars when fighting  higher level defenses.  Their Area of Effect (AOE) damage wipes out enemy troops. 

1) Do not drop wizzies on their lonesome.  An AT or Cannon can pick them off with 3-4 hits
2) Do not wait too long before dropping wizzies behind giants. Wizzies sometimes wander off to the closest target meaning they walk along the edge instead of pushing inward with giants.
Forum » Forums » Strategies and Tips
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